Yeditepe University works in cooperation with every segment of the society to find solutions to the basic problems the world now faces within the scope of Sustainable Development Target, structured by the United Nations for a better future.

Yeditepe University Sustainability Study Group, which was established with the participation of academics, administrative staff and students, operates with the aim of leading the society on the Sustainable Development Goals, consisting of 17 items from poverty to climate change, gender equality and environment.

By focusing on a sustainable campus concept, energy and climate change, waste, water resources, transportation and education within a Sustainable Development context, Yeditepe University has become the first among foundation universities in Turkey, and the fourth among all universities in 2017 and 2018 assessments by Green Metric, a platform that promotes internationalization, raises awareness to sustainability and tries to attract global awareness for environmental issues and evaluates the sustainability of efforts at universities worldwide.

Yeditepe University is a member of the International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN), representing the top 90 universities in the world for sustainability studies.

What we do, what do we want to do within the scope of Sustainable Yeditepe?

  • To establish lasting collaborations with business, civil society, local governments and universities in line with common sustainability objectives.
  • To integrate sustainability objectives into our training and research activities.
  • To carry out training and communication activities with the participation of all internal and external stakeholders in order to transfer Sustainable Development and Sustainable Development Goals to the society.
  • To create an interdisciplinary work platform in the field of sustainable food to ensure access to healthy and safe food for all segments of the society.
  • Within the scope of sustainable campus works;
  • To integrate environmental management into our daily operations
  • To reduce our energy consumption and related carbon emissions
  • To minimize our water usage
  • To implement a waste reduction strategy and ensure a high recycling rate
  • To maintain and improve the biological diversity of the land
  • To establish procedures for the implementation of sustainable structures and green supply.
  • To raise awareness about the concept of gender, the roles of women and men in society, and the perception of these roles in society.
  • To develop university practices in line with Sustainable Development Goals
  • To promote and support sustainable travel options for journeys and business trips.
  • To add environmental, social and governance issues to the investment strategy.