At our university, courses, research, academic publications and academic activities related to ‘Environment and Sustainability’ are encouraged. In this regard, the Graduate School of Natural Applied Sciences established the “Sustainable Built Environment” and “Urban Design and Landscape Architecture”, “Sustainable Energy” graduate programs. On the other hand, School of Applied Sciences established “Agricultural Trade and Management” undergraduate program. Furthermore, we plan to integrate these programs and related courses throughout the university. A new course named “Sustainable Development” is offered for all the students of the university which focuses on the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

Scope of our education efforts are not just limited to the students; since with the LMS Education Program, all of our employees can receive online education sets with ease. Thowse sets include certificate programs, examinations, surveys, and other education content related to useful subjects for every professional. You can examine the link here for more information about this program.

We aim to encourage, direct and support activities related to “Environment and Sustainability” by both academic and administrative staff as well as by student organizations. In relation to this, “Sustainability Study Group” which is composed of specialized academic and administrative staff, has been started their studies to coordinate the sustainability efforts of the whole university. Also, several student organizations have been established in order to increase the participation of students in sustainability activities. Our CCOSD Organization is in direct contact with 18 of our students with disabilities, and nearly 250 thousand Turkish liras are spent in order to meet their needs within 2021-2022 academic year.

Visually impaired students are provided with dormitory and transportation services in line with their needs. There are also guideways within and around the campus for visually impaired. The needs of other students with disabilities are also met by CCOSD Department.