SDG Student Hub

Yeditepe University SDG Student Hub is a student group founded in 2018 which is supported by the Yeditepe University Rectorate. Our aim is to meet the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and raise awareness among the students and employees of our university about the “Sustainable Development and Sustainability” concepts. We focus on becoming an inspiration towards change for both other universities as well as the SDG Student Hubs throughout the world.

Yeditepe University SDG Student Hub conducts “Sustainable Development and/or Sustainability” projects, summits, mentor meetings and activities in collaboration with the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). We intend to promote the 17 UN SDGs and strive to spread knowledge about “Sustainable Development and Sustainability” with the support of Yeditepe University academicians and professionals who work on the achievement of the 17 SDGs of the UN. Our main purpose is to create a more sustainable environment both in our university and the world. 

In addition to those, our SDG Student Hub organization actively helps the Energy Management Unit in order to realize our energy consumption goals. This unit works according to our Energy Management Directive which was created in line with our energy policies and commitments declared to the Ministry of Energy.