At Yeditepe University ‘Sustainable Transportation Practices’ are applied. In order to reduce the use of vehicles in the campus, vehicle entries are restricted. The Shuttle Services are available for journeys within the campus and the ride is free. There are 11 Shuttle Bus Stations in the Campus Shuttle Route. 6 Shuttle Buses operate during the day from 8.00 am to 11.00 pm. There are also free shuttle busses from Kozyatağı Metro Station in the morning and to the same station in the afternoon as a convenient means of travel for our students residing outside of our campus.

Our entire campus population is provided with safe and comfortable transportation services thanks to the fleet of new shuttle vehicles (410 vehicles in total) equipped with the latest technology. The shuttle buses go through periodical maintenance and safety checks, which help minimize potential malfunctions. The vehicles are digitally tracked while the staff receives regular training to ensure passenger satisfaction. The company also aims to continually improve service standards and devise appropriate solutions to any possible mishaps.

Zero emission vehicles are available within the campus area. An electrical car provides shuttle services from campus building area to the parking lot at the arboretum area carrying 4 passengers for each trip at regular intervals daily. For the same route, another alternative transportation is planned. Bicycle racks are located to specific locations and free bicycles are provided for use. A zero emission electric car is present in the campus area which is designed by Yeditepe University Automotive Club and exhibited in different scientific occasions.

In addition, various pedestrian path alternatives were created in the campus circulation system to encourage walking.