"Yüzleşme" Exhibition at Pera Museum

Event Date

Pera Museum continues to bring the works of young artists and designers to its audiences, with the collaboration of national and international educational institutions. The exhibition titled “Yüzleşme/Face-Off”, consisting of the works of Yeditepe University students and alumni, can be visited at Pera Museum by 7 September.

Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation Pera Museum, which brought the works of young artists to its audiences, together with the national and international educational institutions, hosts Yeditepe University this year, which celebrates its 25th anniversary. Consisting of the works of the Faculty of Fine Arts students and alumni, the exhibition, titled “Yüzleşme / Face-off” will be open for a visit on 7 September, Tuesday.

The exhibition, curated by Prof. Dr. Marcus Graf, Head of the Department of Art and Culture Management, is designed as a multi-layered forum in order to exceed a standard students’ or alumni exhibition. Bringing nature-city and individual-society relationships into discussion, “Yüzleşme/Face-Off” takes the topics of ontological existence of art and design in a critical way. Bringing the works of professional artists and designers with the students’, the exhibition is also a space where faculty faces its past and today. Providing the audiences with the opportunity to discover the inspiring worlds of today’s fine arts, graphic design, theatre, gastronomy, culinary arts, art and culture management, the exhibition “Yüzleşme/Face-Off” can be visited at Pera Museum between 7 September – 24 October.