Sustainable Food Systems

With sustainability values at its core, Yeditepe University campus food system aims to provide access to safe, healthy and sustainable food for all on campus. Supported by the strong culture of research, design and innovation at Yeditepe University the campus food system offers a collaborative and participatory platform for students, faculty and staff to work together to develop solutions for food related problems on campus. Actions taken in this context can be analyzed under four main titles;

Food waste management activities and initiatives (such as quantification of food waste, use of food waste to feed animals on campus, and research and design projects aimed at value added utilisation of food waste generated on campus) aim to attain a circular and zero waste food system. Food waste generated on campus by catering services is being quantified each academic year by Burçak Gıda and in 2019 the food that was discarded or lost uneaten by all catering services on campus (population 21102) was measured as 77 metric tons. Since then, food waste of our campus decreased more than half because of our policy changes. Within 2021, campus has produced nearly 38 metric tons of food waste.

In addition to those, 7180 kg waste oil is also gathered from various points in campus. The oil is later given to outside establishment in order to turn it into biodiesel fuel.

Under food security category; Yeditepe University has an extensive scholarhip programme, which includes food scholarhips, to adress food insecurity of its students. There are also affordable menu options for students further addressing the food insecurity notion. 

In order to provide all its campus population with healthy and sustainable eating habits, Yeditepe University provides free nutrition and dietetics counseling service to employees and students. All menus on campus are designed in collaboration with nutritionists. Vegan and vegeterian menu options are avaliable on campus.

Strengthening the connections between campus and local food systems, in addition to its contribution to local communities, is being explored as an important strategy to improve access to healthy and sustainable food choices on campus. A protocol was signed between the Department of Agricultural Trade and Management of Yeditepe University and Büyükçekmece Municipality of İstanbul. Within the scope of the protocol, cooperation was given on the training of farmers in the Büyükçekmece district and agricultural projects together. The purchasing process for our food operations are done according to the Purchasing and Supplier Evaluation Procedure and the Supplier Evaluation Directive.