6 - Clean Water And Sanitation

Economics of Income…
ECON 465
Sustainable Economic…
ECON 363
Sustainable Development
SUST 301
Advanced Economic Development
ECON 663
Development Economics
ECON 563
Sustainable Development
ECON 363




There are 6 projects done with the resources of our university that fall under this category including;
  • Umut-Elazığ Project done to design living spaces for the people of Elazığ after the devastating earthquake hit the region.
  • Refuse Single Use Plastic/Paper Cup! project which aims to reduce plastic or paper cup waste in campus drastically.
  • Maskeli Beşler that aims to raise awareness on using and properly disposing surgical face masks.
  • YUDU Lab that aims to recycle a large portion of the Yeditepe University's plastic waste.