9 - Industry Innovation And Infrastructure

Sustainable Economic…
ECON 363
Sustainable Development
SUST 301
Income Distribution and…
ECON 675
Income Distribution and Well-…
ECON 575
Advanced Economic Development
ECON 663
Development Economics
ECON 563




There are 5 projects done with the resources of our university that fall under this category including;
  • Rethinking Sivrice research project which aimed to study the Sivrice region which was struck by a devastating earthquake and pinpoint probable solutions.
  • Social Rebound Project that aims to educate children with limited means.
  • Umut-Elazığ Project done to design living spaces for the people of Elazığ after the devastating earthquake hit the region.
  • YUDU Lab that aims to recycle a large portion of the Yeditepe University's plastic waste.