Yeditepe University has identified measures related to the Energy and Climate Change category. In the first phase, a solar energy system started to be used as a renewable energy production on campus. For this purpose, solar panels were installed on campus building terraces. The ratio of renewable energy production to total annual energy use is 10%. Also, the solar system for heating hot water is present on the roof of the social facilities building.In year 2019; 60.953 gigajoules of energy in total is consumed within the campus, which is divided by 237.675 square meters of floor space of the university buildings. 25.534 gigajoules of that energy consumed is gathered from low-carbon sources. Out of that sum; 3616 gigajoules are gathered from solar power and 21.918 is from natural gas.

In addition, Yeditepe University aims to improve energy savings by various sustainable energy management applications. The energy consumption is monitored and energy efficient appliances and sensor systems are used throughout the campus area. While there are LED illuminations and energy saving lamps throughout the campus, energy efficient devices are used in laboratories continued every year in the Arboretum and the campus landscaping area. At the same time, all buildings have automated systems such as automatic doors, automatic fire alarm systems and automatic lighting. More information about energy efficiency within the campus can be gathered from here.

Elements of the green building implementations that are present in all the campus buildings are; Natural Ventilation, Full Day Natural Lighting and Building Energy Management System. There are also monitor and control elements which are checked regularly in buildings.