3 - Good Health And Well-Being

Economics of Income…
ECON 465
Sustainable Economic…
ECON 363
Sustainable Development
SUST 301
Income Distribution and…
ECON 675
Income Distribution and Well-…
ECON 575
Advanced Economic Development
ECON 663




There are 10 projects done with the resources of our university that fall under this category including;
  • Rethinking Sivrice ressearch project which aimed to study the Sivrice region which was struck by a devastating earthquake and pinpoint probable solutions.
  • Digital Steps project which is about feet and feet ankle health and rehabilitation.
  • Super Palsi project done in order to raise awareness on Cerebral Palsy disease.
  • Healthy Aging in Individuals Aged 65 & Over project for generating and maintaining healthy exercise programs for elderly individuals.